Fanatical Prospecting…a book review

I have got to rant…a little! This has been a very productive and yet very relaxing weekend. I just finished reading and marking up Jeb Blount’s Fanatical Prospecting. One of my agents Alex recommended it to me months ago…and I regret not reading it then.

As you probably know by now I am a rabid “realist”. I despise new age, politically correct, easy-way-out, no work required, it’s not you…it’s the big bad world stuff. I would rather be told the unpleasant, unvarnished truth than some sugar coated horsesh!t.

Jeb Blount gives it to you right between the eyes. If you’re not making enough money…you’re not prospecting enough. Want to be a success in sales…prospect. But it’s not just a book about prospecting it’s much more. Jeb talks about “sharpening your saw” and attitude management and habits for peak sales performance.

This is a great read for someone new in the business of sales or for a seasoned professional. The neophyte will get a framework for successful prospecting and the veteran will get a “check-up” from the neck up.

Jeb covers everything from planning you prospecting day to mastering cold calls and overcoming objections. He speaks about compartmentalizing and what he calls the “Golden Hour” of prospecting. He talks about his failures and uses himself as an example of what not to do. This is a refreshing change from the infallible sales guru’s prevailing today.

I liked this book so much that I read it twice…once on my Kindle and I bought a hard copy to highlight and mark up…this one goes in the office library complete with tabs. It’s a reference guide for anyone in a sales job.

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