Day 1-30 Day Quick Start Challenge…July 1, 2017

Well true to form Mr. Murphy has made an appearance today. I woke up thinking that I would have the a productive day…Hah!

I was greeted by a flat tire on my truck…the one I use to drive for research, and I guess I should have thought this out better starting a challenge on a holiday weekend…what was I thinking.

But, on the bright side I managed to research 54 properties in a zip code that I had no previously worked. All I need to do is get pictures for the Secret Weapon Letters and find the phone numbers for the ultimate owners. I always recommend shooting for the “C-level” CEO, COO, CIO or President.

When you get a “C-Level” executive on the phone you will either get a quick “no” and can move on or they will direct you to a member of the staff that can help you. When they do that is like having a red-carpet rolled right from the “C-Level” office to your contact with all the benefits that go along with it.

I want to share another concept with you quickly…it’s the “Hierarchy of Activity”

Here’s how it works…if you’re not at the top of the pyramid you had better be doing something that will get you there…and quick.

So, since this challenge is about a “quick start” and I am beginning as if I were brand new in the business I started at the bottom…Research.

I need to quickly identify property in my market area that meets my requirements. First, it has to be industrial, it has to be bigger than 10,000 square feet and it has to be located in Broward County Florida.

I put those parameters in IMAPP a search tool found 54 properties in my chosen zip code. I looked up the property record on the county property appraiser’s website to confirm all the information was correct. For those that had corporate ownership I went to the Division of Corporations and looked up the actual “owners” and now all I have left if to get the pictures and numbers.

More about all that later suffice it to say it was a “challenge” to get the research done today…and it should get more exciting in the next day or two…stay tuned.

p.s. if you want a copy of the Hierarchy follow this link…

Hierarchy of Activity

p.p.s. I apologize in advance for any typo’s or grammatical errors…

2 thoughts on “Day 1-30 Day Quick Start Challenge…July 1, 2017”

  1. Is the IMAPP the MLS for Florida? Can I assume that before you started your “challenge ” that you are under an employing broker with access to the MLS? I had mistakenly thought finding and researching properties was something one could do without any special access but it appears I am wrong .

    1. I do work for a broker…but you can research property in most areas as a member of the public…that’s why they call it…public records…:-)

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