I failed…

I started out with such ambitious plans to document my 60-day adventure…that certainly went sideways on me quick.
Not only that, but I am guilty of not “bogging” regularly!

In my defense let me tell you what happened…Life!

My buddy Mugresh pointed that out recently at a class we attended in Fort Lauderdale. I figure if he could get up at 4 in the morning and make the trek to Fort Lauderdale I could post some thoughts at least once a week.

So, here goes…

Since day 49 last August I have written two new classes, listed about 5 more buildings, hired about 6 new agents, had four new 40-hour classes, and have three pending closings.
What have I learned…?

Well despite all my best intentions…I’m only one man…and there are only 24 hours in each day…no mater who you are. I tried to keep up with the blog, class, transaction, and still manage to write a book or two and guess what…I ran out of time.

I over committed…that’s all. I was so anxious to keep my “daily diary” that I got overwhelmed in the totality and had to give up on something. Here’s the new plan…I am going to blog…but only once a week. I going to try to make it short, sweet, and to the point.

p.s. I built a new website too…check it out…adamvonromer.com…I will also be posting some videos and resources that you might find useful! Check out the YouTube channel too while your at it…make sure to subscribe and like!