30 Day Quick Start Challenge!

This blog post started as an idea and an answer to the question “how quickly can a new agent get into commercial real estate?”

So, here what I decided to do. I can’t un-learn 33 going on 34 years’ experience in commercial real estate sales what I can do is start over. What do I mean by that? I am going to start new in a new market and see what I can turn up in just 30 days.

I am going to start from ground “zero” identify the market area, research the properties, find the owners, send out Secret Weapon Letters, do 1st Appointments, Proposals, and 2nd Appointments just like a new agent would.

Additionally, I will do this all myself…no assistant, no mentee, or junior agent. I am also going to do this while juggling my duties as a commercial sales manager, husband, father, and professional dog walker.

I am going to record all my successes, and failures and post all the results on my blog so if you want to follow along you can.

I will keep track of the number of secret weapon letters I send out, how many calls I get, how many calls I make, the number of 1st appointments, proposals, 2nd appointments, and listings I get. I will also keep track of all the buyers I turn up and any transaction that I put together during that time.

I will not include anything that has been “simmering” in the background or that I have a previous relationship with the owner. In other words, all of this is going to be “cold” right out of the market real deal transactions.

I remove anything where my reputation is known so everything will be new, fresh, and above board. Also, to make the context relevant I am starting the “30 Day Quick Start Challenge” July 1, 2017 three days before the 4th of July which falls on a Tuesday this year.

Stay tuned this is either going to be a huge success or a painful learning experience!