You guys…asked for it…Monthly Business Book review!

For about the last 25 years I have been reading at least a book a month if not a book a week. Invariably, I will come into the office and talk about what I just read, learned, or was amused by. The somebody says “Hey can I borrow that” and I’m guessing about 600 copies later I never see it again.

So, what I have decided to do…is read the book, put up a cover, and tell you a little about the subject and how good…or not…it was.

I may even sneak in a link to it on Amazon.

I lieu of giving you a book review at this time I am going to give you a link to 7 of them…I call it the 7 Books that made me millions!

Here is the link

7 Books That Made Me MIllions