❷✖Your Commissions with an IRS 170 Bargain Sale Transaction ❷✖

Haven’t heard of a an IRS 170 Bargain and Sale…?

Most agents haven’t either…Check this out it’s way older than a 1031…

It allows an individual to make charitable donation, get cash, and huge…HUGE…HUGE tax benefits!

Don’t get stuck on the donation part…savvy brokers can make a fee on the donation…and if they have the relationship…on the sale from the charity!

That’s two fees…one going into the charity and one coming out!

There’s way to much to explain in an email so join me and Chuck Pettet, Senior Acquisitions Sales Associate from Welfont…the Nationals Largest provider of IRS 170 Bargain and Sale service for all the details.

Chuck will explain the process…and how you can get “certified” in the IRS 170 Bargain and Sale process for free.

I’m excited about this “additional” revenue stream for my practice and I think it’s something you won’t want to miss!

Were going online at 11 am EST Today…REGISTER here!

Don’t miss this opportunity to 2X your commissions!

Hope you can join us…


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